Wafer comprising steroid hormones.
Markus Krumme, Albert Radlmaier, Sascha General, Michael Dittgen, Keith Jensen.
United States Patent Application 20060222708 (October 5, 2006).


The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition in the form of a system in film form for transmucosal administration of steroid hormones. An administration system for steroid hormones which dissolves in the mouth and which releases with a high bioavailability is disclosed. The administration system in film form dissolves in the mouth preferably in a period of less than 30 min, and the steroid hormone entering the bloodstream transmucosally from the administration system leads to a rapid rise in the concentration in the blood. It is thus possible to achieve a maximum concentration of this steroid hormone in the blood in a period of less than 60 min after administration.

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